The last WIP-photo of him.

Actually, this guy is finished since a while and was a good exercise. 

(Just a photo again ‘cause my scanner is still on strike..)

yuitaz: Your artwork is amazing! I'm simply in love with your drawingstyle. Keep up the great work! :D

Thank you very much~… and I will!

Actually it was just a late-night-doodle-thing from few days ago and I wanted to clean it up a bit and maybe I’ll work further on it.. sometime.

Malik and Altair in the modern time.

(Blame my friend for that.)

Just this night for the guys and then I need a lil break for my AC-wips.

… and now for something completely different.

… and now my own slow progress with this old man.


late night drawing: more colours for vincent/benedict… progress slowly but surely.


Well, I was a bit productive today.