Found an old sketch today of Moriarty and thought: Why not draw a bit further while I’m at work.

(I know…I draw to many things at the same time…)

Ha, finally I know why a blowfish! Thank you btw for giving me the curiosity to watch the series. I already start with the last season today ‘cause I coudn’t get enough of it in the last days..


I lost myself a bit in the details.


having tea with vincent and benedict… it has always been my dream!

I’m really excited how this will look in the end!


(… and you can see a bit of my new pencil case my friend made for me :3)

Desmond and Altair - wip. 

It’s funny that I didn’t remember that I’ve started this last night…but fitting, because I had a dream about him as well last night,

Young Loki with one of Odins ravens. 

… working on some older works for supernova dragon cat.

(Both inspired by the first chapter of her “Gods & Monsters”-story.)